Five ways to inspire your club members about code!

Whether your Code Club is just launching or has been running for a while, here are five ways for you to get your Code Club members excited about coding

A young girl is sat in a classroom working at laptop. A female volunteer is looking at her laptop screen. Both are smiling!
A young Code Club member showing her code to a volunteer.

1. Make Scratch Cat say hi! 

Just starting out with new Code Club members? Christina from Code Club USA encourages you to begin with the basics:  

“We often forget that the simplest things can inspire folks — start with the basics! Show your Code Club members how to make Scratch Cat say hi, and then have them change what the cat is saying and encourage them to try and make the cat do a dance.”

– Christina Foust, Club Program Manager, Code Club USA

2. Be ready, inspiration is contagious!

Make sure you are the first one to be inspired: join us at a FREE online webinar and make sure you’re #CodeClubReady! Talk to our team from across the world, ask your questions, and find out what support we’ve got for you. 

An illustration with too robots, the Code Club logo and words, we are #CodeClubReady

3. Send your code to space

How cool would it be to have your own code run aboard the International Space Station? Your Code Club members can do just that with the European Astro Pi Challenge!  

The Astro Pi Challenge has launched with two missions.

  • Mission Zero: With the help of a step-by-step guide, your Code Club members write a very simple Python program that will run on the International Space Station and show a message for the astronauts there! This mission is a great introduction to Python for learners who want to move on from Scratch. 
  • Mission Space Lab: participants design and write a program for a real scientific experiment that has the chance to run aboard the International Space Station. This mission has four phases and runs over eight months. 
An illustrated image with the Astro Pi logo, two astronauts and the launch date details.

4. Encourage a show-and-tell 

Hold a show-and-tell session to celebrate you club members’ achievements! You can even invite your club members’ friends and family and teach them about coding by having the club members showcase what they’ve been creating and learning. If your Code Club is registered on our website, download certificates from your dashboard to hand out to your members at the end of the show-and-tell to make it really special. 

“A show-and-tell is a great place for your club members to share what they’ve learned and also talk about anything they found challenging. It leads to great discussions and encourages the other children to ask further questions.”

– Rohima Cooke, Code Club Regional Coordinator, South East 

An older ladies hands working on a laptop, drawing a person on the laptop screen.
A family member taking part in a show-and-tell session

5. Build your own game

Who doesn’t love to play games at home? Inspire your learners to create and code their own games. With our free step-by-step projects for Scratch, Python, and Blender, children can easily learn how to make games. You never know, you may have the next Tim Sweeney, game developer of Fortnite, in your group!

How do you get your Code Club members excited about coding? Share your ideas with us on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #MyCodeClub.

6 things you can do to support our translation community

We want you to be able to run Code Clubs without any language barrier, so we’re working to make our projects available in as many languages as possible. At the heart of our translation efforts are volunteer translators from around the world.

How can you help us provide the translations you need? 

As you’re a Code Club volunteer, you can do lots of small (or not so small) things to help us support our community of volunteer translators, so that they can create more translations for you:

1. Tell us what you want us to translate

Share your input on how you use our translations and what other resources you’d like us to translate, by filling in this short survey.

2. Help us recruit more volunteer translators

Use these resources to reach out to your own community:

  1. An email template to contact people you think might be interested in volunteer translation (copy and amend the text as needed), plus a PDF flyer to send
  2. Some example social media posts to spread the word (copy and amend the text as needed)
  3. Our YouTube video about translating for us — share it with your network

Share your input on how you use our translations and what other resources you’d like us to translate, by filling in this short survey.

Nina and Maja the Raspberry Pi Foundation Translation team.

3. Motivate our volunteer translators

Sharing the positive impact of our translated resources on social media using the hashtag #RPiTranslate, so that our volunteers see the results of their hard work and dedication.

4. Run a translation hackathon event

Get together as a group and translate the resources of your choice. We‘re providing a hackathon guide with everything you need to help you plan this.

5. If you’ve already created translations of our learning resources for your club…

Send them to us at We will review them and publish on our website, and we’ll credit you and/or your club so that everyone knows they’re able to learn in their own language thanks to you!

6. If you’re currently translating some of our resources, or are planning to…

Please let us know, so we can introduce you to our well-established translation process, which makes translating easier for you and helps us share your translations with other community members.

Through the time you give to volunteering for Code Club, you can also do much to build and support our translation community. Together, we can help all Code Clubs run without any language barrier!

It’s time to get #CodeClubReady!

In September, our team members around the world will be hosting webinars so that you can learn more about how you can join us on our mission to put a Code Club in every community in the world. 

We want to make sure that you have everything you need to start a Code Club in your community. Sign up for a webinar below to learn about the free resources to help you start a Code Club and get #CodeClubReady for the school year! 

Check out the webinar topics! 

Introduction to Code Club 

In this webinar, you will learn about our mission to put a Code Club in every community in the world, and how you can join! We’ll talk about how to start a club and the resources available to support you, and answer your questions. 

Code Club: Your first session! 

In this webinar, we will dive into the Code Club coding projects and discuss best practices for your first club session. You’ll get to try some coding, and leave with ideas for your first Code Club session! 

Grab your spot! 

Tuesday 3 September, 10:00 PDT/13:00 EDT/18:00 BST

Introduction to Code Club (run by the Code Club UK team)

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Introduction to Code Club (run by Code Club USA) 

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Tuesday 10 September, 10:00 PDT/13:00 EDT/18:00 BST

Code Club: Your first session! (run by the Code Club USA team) 

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Thursday 12 September, 10:00 PDT/13:00 EDT/18:00 BST 

Introduction to Code Club (run by the Code Club USA team) 

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Wednesday 18 September, 10:00 PDT/13:00 EDT/18:00 BST

Code Club: Your first session! (run by the Code Club USA team) 

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Monday 23 September, 12:30 BST

Introduction to Code Club (run by the Code Club International team)

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If you’re in the UK, Ireland, or the USA, check out the Code Club website for help starting a Code Club, and for information about future events and webinars. If you’re outside of the UK, Ireland, or the USA, visit to learn how you can get a Code Club started in your community!